January 1

  • Assessments are based on the status of the property on this date each year. This is also the effective date for establishing the validity of exemptions and agricultural classification applications.
  • Date that determines residency or ownership requirements to qualify for Homestead Exemption and Senior Citizen Exemption


March 1

  • Deadline for filing annual application for all Exemptions for the current year
  • Deadline for filing annual application for agricultural classification for the current year


April 1

  • Deadline for filing Tangible Personal Property returns with the Property Appraiser’s Office.


On or before July 1

  • Property owners notified in writing of all exemptions and agriculture classification applications denied for the current year


On or about July 31

  • or 30 days following the mailing of denial notices. Deadline for filing appeal petitions to the Value Adjustment Board on denied exemptions and agricultural classifications.



  • The time period the Property Appraiser, on behalf of all Taxing Authorities, mails “Notice of Proposed Property Taxes” (or TRIM – Truth in Millage Notices) to all property owners. This Notice includes the market and assessed value of the owner’s property for the current and prior year. The Notice also includes the proposed taxes by district with a date, time, and place that each taxing district will hold a public meeting on the subject. The Notice also announces the deadline for petitioning the Value Adjustment Board; see ‘What if the appraised value of my property is too high?’ Under the FAQ’s tab.


On or about November 1

  • Date the Tax Collector mails tax bills to property owners.