County and Municipal Property Tax

Section 195.052, Florida Statutes, as amended by the 2008 Florida Legislature (Chapter 2008-197, Laws of Florida) requires that the Department of Revenue and all county property appraisers publish certain county and municipal property tax information on their websites.

This law requires the Department of Revenue to publish on its websites certain non-voted property tax information for county and municipal governments. Within each county, the tables present the following information for each non voted levy by the county and municipal governments:

Table 1: Comparison Taxes Levied all County and Municipal Governments

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  • Millage Rates and Taxes Levied
    • 2019 Adopted
    • 2020 Rolled-back (no budget increase)
    • 2020 Adopted


  • Percent Change in Taxes Levied
    • 2020 Adopted from 2019 Adopted
    • 2020 Adopted from 2020 Rollback Rate*


*Rolled-Back Rate refers to the tax levies based on last year’s budget and current assessments.

Table 2: Distribution of Taxes Levied by Property Type-County and Municipal Governments

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  • Residential real property includes single family residential, real property mobile homes, duplexes, triplexes, other multi-family parcels, residential condominiums and those portions of other types of property which are used as a homestead.
    • Homestead property
    • Non-Homestead
    • Vacant lots
  • Non-Residential real property includes the following types of property, excluding any portions used as a homestead.
    • Commercial improved and vacant
    • Industrial improved and vacant
    • Institutional/Government
    • Agricultural
    • Other (government leasehold interests, miscellaneous and non-agricultural acreage)
    • Tangible Personal Property